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Open Letter to the Ketchikan Borough Manager
By Peg Travis and Dave Hirchert


November 16, 2012
Friday PM

Ketchikan Borough Manager
Dan Brockhorst
1900 First Avenue #210
Ketchikan, Alaska, 99901

Good morning,

We are writing with our concerns of the “new” Gateway Aquatic Center.

We are disappointed in the design and construction of the facility and feel the citizens are paying for a building of inferior design and workmanship.

The recently installed double glass doors and wall do NOT solve the cold draft through the locker rooms.  The building needs an equalization system between the Recreation center and the pool.

The floor of the hallway is a place the children drop their belongings; coats, boots, backpacks, etc. on their way into the locker rooms.  Then on their way out they sit on the floor to re-dress.  Having this in a hallway is a safety hazard and health issue.  The children and others need a place in the hall or some place to hang their coats and put boots and shoes, bags, backpacks, etc. out of the way.

We suggest wall coat hooks and benches between the existing structural posts to keep coats off the floor, shoes/socks under the bench, other belongings on or under the bench and then give the kids a place to sit to put socks and shoes on.  Do you think having the children throwing their belongings on the floor is a good habit to be teaching?

Puddles of water on the floors in the locker rooms are another safety hazard and health issue. 

We are aware of one slip in the ladies locker room from the standing water.

The individual lockers are inadequate for people’s belongings – it takes two lockers to put coats, hats, boots, clothes, bags, backpacks in.

The Stainless Steel structures and railing are showing many areas of RUST and will require LOTS of maintenance. There are several grades of stainless steel with Type 316 having the best corrosion resistance.  What was used?  

Water in the showers is hard to adjust – either very HOT or cold.  We don’t feel these showers are a water saving type as it takes several minutes pushing several showers searching for one with temperature warm enough to rinse off.  The one shower in the pool area is adjustable and runs until we shut it off.

The solid concrete benches in the dressing rooms are too small and too close to the lockers.

The swim suit spinner is good but why isn’t the DRAIN connected to the floor drain?

The two very small handicapped showers are disgusting – no privacy and the dressing area is wet.  No way to keep wheel chair and bag of belongings dry.  Has anyone tried taking a wheel chair and belongings into the small area?

There are several ceramic tile spots loose in the pool area floor .  Apparently the tile was not properly laid and sealed and the children are getting scratches on the bottoms of their feet.

The crack between the floors and walls appears to be a water and dirt collection area and will soon show signs of mold – another health hazard.  Why was this crack not sealed?

So much for an efficient, comfortable and a ‘user friendly’ facility.  And we are paying how much for this?

We await your response and solutions to the problems.

Yours truly,

Peg Travis and Dave Hirchert
Ketchikan, AK


Ketchikan Daily News
Sitnews Editor



Received November 14, 2012 - Published November 16, 2012





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