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Issue of abortion
By Rob Holston


November 05, 2012
Monday PM

In response to Eric Muench, I feel that the issue of abortion is all too often confined to a description of a few "religious" faiths forcing their antiquated beliefs upon the rest of us. This is unfortunate in that the truth of the matter has to do with the destruction of a fetus. It is ironic that the political party that strives to diminish Big Government is "pro-life", yet ALL political parties agree that government's largest responsibility is to protect the people of the nation. So the debate SHOULD focus on when does a fetus become that person who deserves protection?

Here is where the Bible and Science agree - conception. Now if you disagree with "conception" as being the point at which the referred to "fetus" becomes a "baby" then tell me when DOES it become a baby, i.e. person? That should be the discussion, NOT claiming that some religion is forcing you to follow its belief system. Science proves that the person's DNA is established at the point of conception. It NEVER changes. It is NOT the same DNA as the mother's, so the "choice" claim that she should be able to to with her body what she wants comes up shallow.

Why do governments have laws that protect the unborn from the mother using alcohol or doing drugs yet Roe V. Wade says she can KILL her unborn? This is an absurd dilemma for the preborn. Thank God the Republicans are at least willing to enter into the real discussion and pray that Democrats will stop hiding under the Roe V. Wade rug.

4,000 pre-born babies loose their life to abortionists each day in our country. It is a big deal. Focus on the fetus.

Rob Holston
Ketchikan, AK


Received November 05, 2012 - Published November 05, 2012


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