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RE: We all Survived the Tsunami 2012
By Annie Fawcett


November 02, 2012
Friday PM

In my opinion it might be a wise idea for Mr. Kiffer to travel to Lituya Bay before down playing a Tsunami alert, to see how a large wave can give a haircut to a mountain.

I have been in alerts in Kodiak, Bristol Bay and Metlakatla, and even though there has only been small waves, every time there is an alert, my mind jumps to the flash photo taken at Lituya.

I like Mr. Kiffer's humorous way of writing, however, I can only imagine the lives that would be lost should people reading the article take it to heart and we did have a large wave that would surely take out any homes in low lying areas.

Maybe we could even send some of our refuge to Japan in exchange for theirs.

Annie Fawcett
Metlakatla , AK


Received November 02, 2012 - Published November 02, 2012

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