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Support Kreiss-Tomkins
By Adrian LeCornu


November 02, 2012
Friday PM

My name is Adrian LeCornu and I have served my community for over 30 years, and have watched state legislators come and go, and once in a while they even show up in Hydaburg.

I am writing this letter to the communities of our new legislative district because I think it is important that we have real representation from our legislators.

I give my personal endorsement to Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, a candidate for District 34. I am endorsing Jonathan because for the first time in decades a candidate has come to Hydaburg to actually go door-to-door to find out what the people in Hydaburg are thinking about and what we care about. Jonathan has spent 6 days in Hydaburg and went to every house to listen to the concerns of each family. Over a period of days, we came to know him, and I believe this is an honest, forthright, dedicated man who would be a superb representative for Southeast.

Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins can provide a real improvementin the level of representation received in our rural communities, and I give him my full support.

Adrian LeCornu
Hydaburg, AK

About: "I'm the recently retired City Administrator of the City of Hydaburg (19 years), former Tribal Administrator of Hydaburg Cooperative Association (2 years), former CEO of Shaan-Seet (1.5 years), former Director of Shaan-Seet (6 years), former member of Hydaburg School Board (12 years)"

Received November 01, 2012 - Published November 02, 2012



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