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Good news, Good news!!
By A. M. Johnson


November 29, 2011
Tuesday AM

Editor Sitnews,

Good news!! The announcement that BCHydro is under construction with a power line distribution system from Terrace B.C to an interior of B.C. point 100 miles East of Petersburg is confirmation to the long discussed option of connecting to lower energy cost through development of a commercial access point from the Bradfield Canal South of Wrangell. As understand , the potential of electrical cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $.04 per KW may be possible.

There has been much discussion with actual contact made between Wrangell elected officials to such a electrical connection not to mention the potential of economic access to salt water for shipment of natural resource development in B.C.

There are exciting times ahead. The development of the proposed gold/copper mining project located above the Unuk River, the increased activity in the Stikine/Iskut river area for mineral development means economic improvement for both Ketchikan and Wrangell as these towns benefit from Canadian development.There is activity regarding Gold/ other minerals being developed in the Taku River basin, again by the Canadians which bodes well for the economy of British Columbia, running parallel to South East Alaska borders. All of this is exciting when you then add the development of State of Alaska mineral resources taking place on Prince of Wales Island.

The news that log exports are up across the West Coast of the Nation, including at the very least, a maintained level from Southeast Alaska is encouraging.

While America, due to the President taking a political stance, apparently lost the opportunity for 20,000 direct pipeline jobs for the "K-Gas line projected to run from interior Canada through the States to Texas, and the estimated 200,000 job loss through projected support and allied employment.

Canada is making adjustments with this project by a proposed pipe line to run somewhere in B.C. for export to China. Kitimat B.C. may be the terminus for this. It makes sense as there is underway currently, one of the largest LNG shipping terminal under construction for the shipping by ship, LNG to China and India. The pipeline for this terminal is approximately 600 miles long extending into the interior of Canada joining with a major North/South existing pipeline. In addition to all this fast pace development, the Prince Rupert community is benefiting by the expansion of their container port facilities. As understood, this expansion will increase the port volume by a 1/3 or more. One notes the heavy volume of coal being transported into Prince Rupert in demand by China for energy fuel. Grain crop exporting is running at a high rate through Prince Rupert. There are reports of returning grain rail cars being loaded with wood pellets for export through Vancouver to Europe to off set high natural gas prices or limited supply, making the transportation cost of all rail products cheaper.

While we in Southeast Alaska somewhat suffer under the constraints of direct resource development activity as related to past "Glory" of the timber industry, we can take solace in knowing the inventory of that resource remains and with each passing year, the rebirth of second growth is yielding the potential of a near future, second round of exciting timber industry.

There appears to be little opportunity for Alaskan employment as a result of our Canadian neighbors economic largess, Besides the issue of border restraints, the denial of saltwater access one has to include the faulting environmental stagnation created by professional for profit in resident environmentalist.

The projected over powering demand for jobs and economic well being is growing daily as the restrictions of over reaching big government restrictions parented by and advocated for with these Nay Sayers it becoming apparent.

When you suppress the will of the people for too long, the reaction and pendulum swing becomes too strong to resist, and the restrictors will be pushed aside for the desire to share in resources activities as described in the above as it regards British Columbia, Canada.

The first sign of success will be a electrical compact between Southeast Alaska and British Columbia.

If you are excited and desire lower electrical cost, with potential for economic growth, contact Sens. Murkowki and Begich or Congressman Young and advocate for such an endeavor.

Happy to see it and shout for its continuance.


Ketchikan, AK


About: "73 year Southeast Alaskan "Explorer in residents" Love the sound of a chain saw."

Received November 26, 2011 - Published November 29, 2011



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