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Response to Raw Fish Tax
By Scott Willis


November 26, 2010
Friday PM

This URL is an online form that Bristol Bay Fisherman must submit to the Borough for a Raw Fish Tax. 180,000,000 fish at a nickel per fish. See why the City of Ketchikan wants this Tax?

Other Alaska Boroughs are doing Raw Fish Tax. But if you believe for even a minute that Amylon and his band of Council Idiots will use their new Fish Tax Booty ... I mean funds, to make Harbor improvements? Well, keep dreaming!

The Fish tax revenue will go toward Ports & Harbors alright, but not for improvements for the Fisherman. It will be more money spent to fuel the Cruise Ship Dock appetite.

My point is this: Commercial Fisherman of Ketchikan must unite and get organized unless you want to pay this tax! The City will vote this tax in because it's FREE money to the City.

I strongly urge Commercial fisherman and all guide operators to organize and fight this tax. Ketchikan has Tourism income to pay for Ports & Harbors.

Commercial Fisherman work too hard to have more tax dollars taken from them.

Let the City of Ketchikan's Manager Amylon use his large quarterly bonus money the city pays him to import more wood into the forest for his wood Cruise ship dock. Let the Fisherman keep their money!

Fisherman! Get together as an organization and show up as a large organized group to City Council Meetings.

Politicians care only about Politics. They sway with the strongest Lobby group that is pressing them at the time. Be that Lobby Group, or pay the Tax!

Your choice Ketchikan Fisherman.

Scott Willis
Ketchikan, AK


About: "A conserned Alaskan trying to save the City from Corrupt Politicians!"

Received November 24, 2010 - Published November 26, 2010



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