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Kyle Johanson Should Resign
By Robert Thompson


November 23, 2010
Tuesday PM

Dear Editor,

At the meeting with District One Republicans our representative, Kyle Johanson, encouraged folks to call him - of course, he doesn’t bother to answer his phone. Kyle J. said he is willing to meet with anyone. Yet no one seems to know where he is or how to get a hold of him.

Kyle J. said he has a plan and to trust him. Yet as the Daily News story revealed his reason for leaving the majority caucus hadn’t happened at the time he walked out. (Okay so it is not unusual for a politician to uh..., stretch the truth, or even break with it entirely. But that type of behavior is not really conducive for eliciting trust.) And then he expresses displeasure with anyone who questions him. He even gets angry with the few folks who helped get him in office.

Kyle J.’s unbridled arrogance and political stupidity has put Ketchikan in an extremely bad position. In this year, when all our stars were in alignment, when Southeast Alaska was going to have an unusually large presence in the legislative leadership, and in this year of significant surpluses in Alaska’s finances, Kyle kissed it all away in order to have his Legislative ‘Love Caucus’ for two - with no money, no influence, no staff, and no prospects.

For your sake Kyle, I hope that your moronic actions paid off in your private life, but even those private rewards don’t make up for royally screwing over your home town.

Do yourself and your hometown a service - resign!

Robert Thompson
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Just a local becoming more and more disgusted as this story unravels."

Received November 21, 2010 - Published November 23, 2010


Note: According to an Announcement posted in the SitNews's classifieds: Representative Kyle Johansen will be hosting a town hall meeting on November 23rd at 6:00 at the Ted Ferry Civic Center. This was also reported by the Ketchikan Daily News as on the Ted Ferry Civic Center's schedule.



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