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Man-up Joe
By Michael McColley


November 23, 2010
Tuesday PM

I've lived in Alaska most all my life. I know Joe Miller and have met Lisa Murkowski. I believe the people, the voters of Alaska have had their say. Joe you can not push the Alaskans around. Man-up you lost, Lisa won.

If Miller ever wants to be in politics he needs to honor Alaskans and not try to sue the state. It will come back and bite him. The people have spoken. What is this? Miller is trying to force himself in as a senator of Alaska when in the eyes of Alaskans has lost. Why? Maybe Miller should have fired his manager he has a lot more to lose, like his job. No one likes Joe Miller causing a scene MILLER LOST. If Miller wants any respect left, he needs to concede and plan for next election. Miller didn't come through with his principles of fighting for Alaska. His manager failed him.

Don't be an idiot. No one wants to listen to a grown man cry. Remember all the things you say are do reflects on you. Your manager says, let's take it to court, so what if some one misses an r in spelling Murkowski -- it was a write-in. Miller is calling us stupid for not writing her name right. This doesn't look good Joe -- the man upstairs and all Alaskans will hate you even more. It means they voted, that's their right and it doesn't mean Miller can mistake that for a vote for Joe Miller.

Congratulations to Lisa Murkowski. No lies, just politics and now Murkowski is accepted by Miller's voters. Why? Because she believe in Alaskans and you don't.

Michael McColley
Ketchikan, AK

Received November 22, 2010 - Published November 23, 2010



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