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Miller needs to let go
By LeAnn Pickard


November 23, 2010
Tuesday PM

Am I the only person who is rather shocked by the way Miller is handling the outcome of the votes? He seeks to challenge misspellings of Murkowski's name, regardless of voter intent, and is now planning on calling for a recount because there were volunteer observers who did not have the training needed and therefore some ballots that should have been challenged were not. The math says that even if he gets all the 8,000+ ballots taken out of the equation, Murkowski is still in the lead by a couple thousand votes.

And yet, this man who wants to represent ALASKANS in our Nation's Capital is now like a child throwing a fit and trying to do virtually anything he can to win, including holding up the entire process that has already shown he has lost and throwing voter intent out the window because someone spelled Murkowski wrong. Is this the kind of man you would really want representing you? One who, when things aren't going his way says 'To heck with the intent of the voter, if they can t spell it right, it doesn't count!' How utterly embarrassing for Miller voters and for Alaska in general. Due to the fact that Murkowski has made history with her write-in campaign, there are even more eyes and media paying attention the race and to the actions of those involved.

To Joe Miller I say, try and retain a modicum of dignity, concede already!

LeAnn Pickard
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Born and Raised Alaskan"

Received November 19, 2010 - Published November 23, 2010



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