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Johanson burned all our political capital
By David G. Hanger


November 13, 2010
Saturday AM

It certainly seems appropriate, does it not, that they formed their own caucus, a party and caucus of two. Nor is it difficult to discern their positions on the various issues of the day; love is inordinate, as they say.

Kyle Johansen, you are not simply a colossal fool, you are an absolute ass. Resign now. There is no possibility from this point on of anyone ever again taking you seriously. You used the power we gave you to try to get your girlfriend the job she wanted. When you failed, you petulantly wasted all of the political capital at your disposal on a hissy fit.

Buy the lovesick fool a pacifier, and if he does not resign, recall him. This guy’s only interest is himself, and he has burned all our political capital singing, “Me, Me, Me, Me.”

David G. Hanger
Ketchikan, AK


Received November 11, 2010 - Published November 13, 2010



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