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Compensation inadequacy
By Ken Arriola


November 09, 2010
Tuesday AM

Jim Mark's opinion of unfairness by KIC is misdirected. The more accurate focus/blame of Mr. Mark's financial demise should be directed at his source of income, namely his employer. How many of you out there, in your right mind, believes that anyone can make it, in this inflated economy, on $11.50 an hour?

When I was in the retail industry 25 years ago, that was below the average wage. Let's see, figure 3 percent ( conservative ) inflation per year. Now in order for Mr. Marks to maintain pace with inflation, his hourly wage today should be $22.50. The fact that the cost of living has way surpassed 3 percent for each of the past 25 years, not to mention the dollars devaluation, should have had some bearing on wage negotiations between Mr Marks and his employer.

What is shocking here is that Mr. Marks is working for .50 cents per hour, since his wage should have more than doubled over the past 25 years. So, what's broke/broken here ( no pun intended ) is it not Mr Marks employer's willingness to fairly negotiate a livable wage with Mr Marks?

I would hope to believe that Mr Marks outcry of unfairness would spark attention and debate throughout this community as to the compensation inadequacy among the labor force!

Ken Arriola
Ketchikan, AK


Received November 08, 2010 - Published November 09, 2010


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