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Dog Abandoned at Animal Protection
By Margaret Hepler


November 07, 2010
Sunday PM

On Wednesday, November 3 a classified ad was posted about a Golden Retriever needing a new home that was at Animal Protection. On Thursday, November 4 another classified ad was posted about the dog, stating that Animal Protection had euthanized the dog without permission. It is unfortunate that the person posting the ads was extremely dishonest as to why and how the dog was at Animal Protection and why the dog was ultimately euthanized - she left out a few details.

The dog was at Animal Protection because she had bit someone. Since the dog did not have a current rabies vaccination the dog legally had to be impounded and quarantined for 10 days for observation. At the end of the 10-day period the family could reclaim the dog after paying the fees. The family chose to not reclaim the dog. This was the second time that the dog had been impounded for biting. The owner was sent notices by mail, numerous telephone calls were made to the same numbers in the ad and messages were left but the owner never contacted the pound. Legally the dog was abandoned. At the time the dog was euthanized she had been at the shelter for over a month and at no time did the owner or family contact Animal Protection in any way.

Once the dog was legally abandoned the dog became the property of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Animal Protection department. If the dog did not have a bite history Animal Protection could have placed the dog for adoption but legally no animal can be adopted if there is any bite history.

Animal Protection found the dog to be a very nice and not aggressive. The biting incidences were the result of a bad owner. Unfortunately the owner and family do not want to assume any responsibility for the dog's death. The family member who posted both ads would like people to believe that Animal Protection did something awful but in reality it was the owner and family that did something awful. They made the decision to leave the dog at Animal Protection knowing full well that the dog would ultimately be euthanized.

When I called the number in the ad I spoke with the young lady who had posted the ads. I asked her why she had left out all of the details as to why the dog was at Animal Protection. She had a sob story, blaming everyone, yet would never admit any responsibility. I was not mean to her and did not harass her but I did tell her that she should have been honest as to what had occurred.

The end result is a dead dog due to an irresponsible family.

Margaret Hepler
Ketchikan, AK


About: "Owner of four dogs that were all abandoned and volunteer poster for the Columbiana County Dog Pound and Adoption Center in Lisbon, Ohio."

Received November 05, 2010 - Published November 07, 2010



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