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Denied School
By Mekkena Love


November 05, 2010
Friday AM

I would like to share with you an experience and a point of view about the Ketchikan High School. I was a student at Kayhi in my 9th grade year. Due to a trip that I took, I lost credit for all my classes because I took too much time off. I decided to go to Revilla and try to catch up there but that didn't work for me so I got more behind and tried Fast Track and finally decided I worked best in a normal high school setting with people rather then trying to focus by myself. So I went to Kayhi and I got all the packets filled out and talked to the counselor, met my teachers individually and they told me everything I need for that class. The counselor was awesome and got me pumped for going to school even though I had to go an extra year and I was ready.

I showed up on the first day of school and waited in line for my paper printout of my classes and mine never came. I asked them why and the lady got on the phone with someone and when she got off she said "Since you didn't finish any classes in Fast Track you can't come to this school until you show us that you want to be here so you can keep doing Fast Track or go to Revilla.".

I was so upset that I cried because I knew that I could not do either of them and it was a big waste of time. Not only that but I had already bought school supplies for my classes. A few years later, which is now a couple months ago, I was in the office with my mom at Kayhi to sign papers for my brother and I overheard this lady saying the same thing to a girl that was recently in Fast Track.

The point is, I really think that if Kayhi accepted people more, the drop out rates would be less, because it is the best school in my opinion and I had a really good experience going to school there my freshman year.

I am now a drop-out and I'm planning on getting my GED. I don't know how much trouble it would be, but I really think you guys (Kayhi) could make a difference to people who want school but don't like alternative options.

Thanks for your time. ( Note: Fast Track and Revilla can and will work for a lot of people, I'm just sharing my experience.)

Mekkena Love
Ketchikan, AK


Received November 02, 2010 - Published November 05, 2010


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