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Uncivilized Behavior
By Rob Glenn


November 01, 2010
Monday PM

Regarding Robert Rice's letter, seriously, are there any politicians who "can hold up as an example to our children; a good, moral, human being?"

Can we put Derek Jeter in as President or a tleast Senator? I mean Will Smith is a pretty good character, maybe we can get him to run. But do you think that the people who live in different social and economic regions of the country would agree with you or I as to who are good and moral?

I mean last election they asked people in Harlem if they thought Sarah Palin was a good running mate of Obama. Just to see what people knew, and they all liked her!

People don't know what or who they are voting for. They just hear the ads, see who is the most popular and some will take the time to vote.

I know you and I don't see eye to eye on who would be best for the country, but what I do think.... kick out all the incumbents and make congressional term limits this could stop the madness we are dealing with today.

Rob Glenn
New York, NY

About: "Lived in Ketchikan 3 years."

Received October , 2010 - Published November 01, 2010


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