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A liberal for Murkowski
By Ani Drozdowska


November 01, 2010
Monday PM

Five reasons why I, a bleeding heart liberal, will vote for a Lisa Murkowski, a Republican.

1) I like her. I've met her and she is genuine, and knowledgeable.

2) A moderate with seniority (Murkowski) in the Senate is better than a moderate without experience (McAdams.)

3) Her record shows integrity. She is willing to cross the isle and keep dialogue open. I like that she helped appropriate money for Ketchikan's replacement of municipal bridge. She does want ANWR open, however she also looks to other sources of energy, like Geothermal and Tidal.

4) I think Alaska is best represented with a Democrat (Begich) and a Republican (Murkowski) who are willing to work together for such a red state. I don't think Joe would be willing to work with a Democrat for the state to continue forward. I also don't think two Democrats can truly represent Alaska.

5)Maybe a loss for Joe Miller will shut Palin up. Ketchikan, AK

About: "Ten years ago, I started the Green Party to inform voters on another option to vote for. I find myself now doing the same, but drastically different. I make my decisions independent of political party, and this election I surprised myself."

Ani Drozdowska
Ketchikan, AK

Received November 01, 2010 - Published November 01, 2010



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