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Food Drive First Official School Outing for Patches and Pumper
Fire Department Thanks Students for Participation & Generosity


November 21, 2009

Ketchikan, Alaska - Firefighters from North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department (NTVFD) arrived at Point Higgins Elementary School on Friday the 13th to collect food from their 3rd annual collaborative joint food drive with new team members - Patches and Pumper. This year Patches and Pumper went along with fire department members for what was the first official school outing for Patches and Pumper.

jpg Patches and Pumper

Pictured with the food collected by the Point Higgins Elementary students are (from left to right) Firefighter Greg Brown, Firefighter Andy Tighe, Jessie 'Liz' Hook, Patches and Pumper, Lt. Steve Phillips (kneeling), Lt. Jerry Kiffer, Firefighter/Medic Scott Hildebrandt.
Photograph courtesy NTVFD

Patches and Pumper were recently purchased with funds awarded to North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department (NTVFD) from the 2008 Assistance to Firefighter Fire Prevention and Safety grant. Patches and Pumper are two of the department's newest fire safety education tools, and did not disappoint the students on their first trip into the school district said NTVFD's Fire Chief Dave Hull. Children from preschool to 6th grade were delighted to see Patches and Pumper; they truly were the hit of the day said Hull.

Point Higgins Elementary students chatting with Patches.
Photograph courtesy NTVFD

Chief Hull said members of the department were thrilled to see the responses from the children as they chatted with Patches. "We have felt from the beginning that Patches and Pumper would be great tools for reaching and relating to children, and reactions of the children indicated that we were on the right track," said Hull.

jpg Point Higgins Elementary students with Patches and Pumper.

Point Higgins Elementary students with Patches and Pumper.
Photograph courtesy NTVFD

"The members of North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank the staff at Point Higgins for their efforts in making the 3rd annual collaborative food drive a success once again. We would also like to thank all the parents, family members, and children who donated food" said Chief Hull. "For the 3rd year in a row you have all been extremely generous, and we would like you all to know that your kindness truly is appreciated," he said.


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North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department


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