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Lesson three regarding Liberal vs Conservative
By A. M. Johnson


November 23, 2009
Monday PM


Recently I read Vince Flynn's latest book "Pursuit of Honor". At one point during a Senate hearing between a Liberal Democrat Female Senator, who supports late term abortion and was berating the central character, undercover CIA agent, Conservative Mitch Rapp, for torturing a Muslim terrorist to gain information. In response the Mitch Rapp character stated the following.

"You're an intelligent, civilized woman. I would never expect you to openly condone torture. But I'm confused about your outrage. A little over a year ago a Saudi named Abad bin Baaz emigrates to the United States, takes up residence in Washington, D.C., and begins receiving shipments of explosives and providing intelligence for the very same terrorist cell that last week used those explosives to blow up buildings and kill innocent civilians. I catch him red-handed and in an effort to try to apprehend the terrorist who are still at large, I allegedly dislocated his shoulder and slapped him around and got him to spill the beans on his little band of thugs, and you find my behavior repressible."

"I think any normal person would," Ogden answered. (This is the Democrat female Senator character that supports late term abortion)

"How about sticking a spike through the top of a baby's head, piercing the skull, and then sucking the baby's brain's out all because a mother gets a note from two doctors who claim she has depression or some other mental issue that precludes her from giving birth to a full-term baby?" Mitch Rapp responded.

I thought it a very incisive statement. By the way, the book is a very exciting read. Surely aligns with current events and debates including the good guys winning!


Ketchikan, AK

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Received November 22, 2009 - Published November 23, 2009


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