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Name calling
By Tom Ferry


November 21, 2009
Saturday PM

Mr. Warner, you say you would find it to be a privilege to vote for Obama's re-election. Hey that's fine , but if you did vote for him the first time and now the second time, you are not even close to being as I am "an independent conservative".

As far as name calling ,when I call Obama a Marxist it ruffles some feathers. But that is exactly what he is . Now I won't go into the dozens of different types of Marxists but he fits right in. You need to read Mark Levins' book ( Liberty and Tyranny ) a conservative manifesto . It is an easy book to read about the founding fathers principles of what this country is really all about and explains the governments limited role in it. And especially what Marxism is in all its forms. Obama wants government in every facet of our lives.

A M Johnson's example is a perfect illustration of how further dependence on the government erodes ingenuity and and competitiveness, and promotes laziness and dependence. The government sector is the only sector that keeps growing and the private sector keeps shrinking.

The dollar is in danger of becoming worthless under Obama. As far as the big collapse under Bush, hey it was Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and Charlie Wrangel at the helm of powerful positions that were repeatedly warned to get Fanny and Freddie under control that fell on deaf ears. Now in fairness there's plenty of blame to go around, as far as I am concerned the whole lot of career politicians needs to be kicked out and can never become lobbyists, and term limits need to be in effect no more than two terms for anyone.

So I called Obama an idiot big deal. just google the term ( BUSH NAZI ) and you will come up with millions of sites and quotes of people calling him a Nazi and worse. I was happy to see Obama get elected but he has not lived up to any of his promises period. He just cannot make up his mind on Afghanistan, meanwhile our troops are floundering under his helm, unlike Bush 1 & 2 who won Desert Storm and the hanging of Saddam who was just the whipping boy of 9/11. But we needed to have an example of what we are capable of doing in retaliation.

I hope Obama will get the 40 to 80 thousand troops needed to go in and ferret out the Taliban, if it means going into Pakistan - so be it. this will be his biggest decision abroad if he can ever make it. If those who disagree with me will read Mark Levins' book it might get them back on course. If you don't read it don't bother scolding me.

Tom Ferry
Ketchikan, AK

Sent November 10, 2009 - Received November 18, 2009 - Published November 21, 2009


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