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Million Dollar Blunder at the Public Library?
By Robert D. Warner


November 21, 2009
Saturday PM

Dear SITNEWS Editor:

With the City Manager's plea to the City Council to increase properity taxes next year, it seems most urgent to end careless and wastefull spending.

In September, Mr. Rodney Dial wrote a letter to SITNEWS analyzing spending patterns of both the Gateway Borough and the City of Ketchikan. He discovered that about 1.57 million dollars was spent on a design for a new public library on a site that was not even suitable for a library.

Who are the city officials responsible for this blunder? Why haven't they been disciplined for incompetence? Such waste of public money cannot be tolerated, even in the best of economic times.

While librarians are not architects, they are trained to know criterion essential to site selection for libraries. Selecting the old Main School site demonstrates gross incompetence in my opinion, especially when the city had to be told twice that this site would not work. Competent library staff could have prevented over a million dollars from being wasted.

A special note of thanks to Mr. Dial for presenting his research on how our local government funds are being spent. Hopefully, the Ketchikan City Council will keep his examples clearly in mind as they prepare the budget for 2010.

Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK

Received November 19, 2009 - Published November 21, 2009


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