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Oh Sarah Palin.....
By Evan Bolling


November 21, 2009
Saturday PM

The much anticipated controversial autobiography, "Going Rogue" written by our very own claim to shame, Frm. Gov. Sarah Palin is now on the bookshelves. A sad day for Alaska, the literary world, and all sentient life too. We should have done a better job keeping the lid on this total embarrassment, but now she's a national satire. And in 2008 the most mocked person on Saturday Night Live.

I downloaded a web copy of the manuscript and to say the least I was humiliated to have once been a member of her electorate. Palin went more "rogue" on relaying the truth than anything else, her total disregard for accuracy and honesty insulted me first as an Alaskan and then just as someone with a brain.

During her 2008 bid for vice president, the McCain/Palin campaign was constantly under justified criticism involving half-truths and what seemed to be an intentional misrepresentation of personal history. Apparently Sarah is not aware that while time heals many wounds it does turn half-truths into full ones.

Since her bid for the White House Palin has projected an image of herself as a sort of political "Maverick" (wonder where she got that idea?), anyway this couldn't be further from the truth. Her administration as governor was under intense investigation involving fraudulent reports regarding her travel expenses, where she billed the state an estimated $20,000 for her kids travel luxuries. Oh and not to mention the favors of nepotism exhibited in the firing of a law enforcement officer who had recently divorced a member of Palin's family.

Like most politicians upcoming or those who have spent the bulk of their life in the beltway, Palin claims she puts a proverbial wall between her campaign finances and contributions from those with special interest. And just like most politicians, this statement is total BS. Did Sarah think we all forgot about the Trans Pipeline operation? Well we didn't, at least I didn't, those damn people with brains get you every time Sarah, every time. The leading member of her crooked team was a former lobbyist for TransCanada, the company who TOTALLY coincidently won the contract (yes that was TOTALLY sarcastic!).

Palin has got more flip flops than the Belgium Waffle House. In her book she bashes the Obama Administrations bail-out of American economic giants like GM and Ford Motor Company, forgetting that these bail-out policies began under the Bush Administration, which at that time she roundly supported. But after watching a re-run of the vice presidential debate between Biden and Palin I heard this about the bail-out package, "it is a time of crisis and the government needed to step in." In the book, which I am now going to refer to as a novel since it is more fiction than not, Palin elaborates more on this point. Criticizing Obama for his method of dealing with the recession, she references the economic depression under Regan and how he fixed the problem by cutting taxes, decreasing government spending and "getting rid of the death tax". Wait a minute; don't we still have the death tax? I guess it got TOTALLY resurrected after Regan left office, (that was TOTALLY sarcastic!).

I always hear economists say, "This is the worst economic recession since the Great Depression" so shouldn't we be going off how our government solved the problem in the 30's? If I remember correctly it involved high government spending and the invention of many government programs. Some may contend that the second world war boosted us out of the Great Depression, but I think we can see now that war has the been the biggest contributor to our present state of the economy.

Palin's novel does not give the impression that she is anything than different than a deceiving politician, abandoning her post as governor for the fame and glamour of the White House. Her novel is nothing more than an insidious creep towards a 2012 campaign. OH YA YOU BETCHA SARAH!!!

I could continue but I think everyone gets the point.

Evan Bolling
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Resident Ketchikan 20 yrs."

Received November 17, 2009 - Published November 21, 2009


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