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Fighting and name calling
By Chris Barry


November 16, 2009
Monday PM

I appreciate the comments, regardless of how wrong they are. If you consider a disagreement of ethics and morals to be insulting, petty, and degenerative to the upcoming generations of leaders, and that, to quote you, "No one can change beliefs of another so stop trying." then some enlightenment needs to be sent your way.

ALL beliefs can be changed or molded through the sharing and, yes, sometimes even strong emotional debating of one's beliefs. The only things that do not change are truths and facts, but even then some people are deceived and refuse to accept the truth as truth, allowing themselves to wander about in this world blinded by the craftiness of men. I would keep going, but you have probably already started typing a hasty response back and did not listen to a thing I just typed.

And for the record, insults are stupid, and there is no place for them in any society. But please remember, only those that are in the wrong are offended and insulted when the truth is laid out in front of them. If this statement has offended anyone, then maybe you need to step back and look at your own morals and ethics. I am not trying to 'start' anything. I am just tired of all the people that refuse to call a rose a rose.

Chris Barry
Ketchikan, AK


Received November 14, 2009 - Published November 16, 2009


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