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Plasma Garbage
By Rob Holston


November 13, 2009

Whether or not you own Loggerville or have another direct interest in Ward Cove Plasma Gasification of Garbage should be a community discussion. Contrary to claims made by Don West of TransGlobal, LLC the technology is not based upon a patent he holds. Many companies are doing this. I have talked to two, Star-Tech Environmental Corp & EnerSol Technologies, Inc. They both responded similarly when I told them our location and how much garbage our community produces per day.

To quote a recent email:

"Thank you for your inquiry to Enersol Technologies.

I have carefully examined your request. At the present time we do not believe that gasifying MSW in any amount under 250 Tons Per Day is likely feasible for a profit and would require very robust tipping fees. While certainly the cleanest technology from an environmental standpoint, usually the bottom line is economics and I can't offer much hope in that area for such a small community. Our current efforts in this sector are for thousands of tons per day in major metropolitan areas and large regional systems.


Arthur Yando
VP ­ Business Development
Enersol Technologies Inc."

End quote: "THOUSANDS OF TONS A DAY" sort of caught my attention, as did "VERY ROBUST TIPPING." No wonder Mr. West needs the entire 387 acres of Ward Cove. The stockpile of garbage needed will be immense!

As a retired school teacher once said, "Do your homework."

Rob Holston
Retired school teacher
Ketchikan, AK


Received November 11, 2009 - Published November 13, 2009


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