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Library, pool, fire station...???
By Charles Edwardson


November 30, 2008

I read Rodney Dial's assessments on the taxes we pay and I learn more from his articles (assuming that they are accurate) than I do from listening to the Borough Assembly or the Ketchikan City Council.when they discuss their dreams on how to stabilize our economy in Ketchikan. (How a new library will assist in doing that I have yet to make the connection.

To listen to them planning these projects, do the Borough Assembly and City Council, realize what is happening around them (economically)? I agree that a new library would be nice, but at this time is it really a priority or just a fashionable position to be in at this time? It is a needed project I will concede. With our bridges falling down around us, the now full blown recession that will eventually hit us here in Ketchikan, and hillsides coming down, our infrastructure is crumbling in Ketchikan. Is a library what I want my public officials using their time for, with lower prices for crude, that will affect the state budget for local capitol projects. I think it is time both the Borough Assembly, and the City Council get back down to earth and stop, parroting the library discussion,, and concentrate on what we have, start guarding what surplus we have and hope for a better economic climate in the next year or two.

Seriously, local officials are in a dream world if they think that many of these projects can be built by us alone. We cannot afford to hang on here in Ketchikan if our taxes keep going up and our city officials must understand this fact. At the state level we (Ketchikan) are not a priority especially lately. This what you, as officials, should be 'dreaming' about -- how to get Ketchikan back on the list of places that might get some consideration when the state hands out money.

We the citizens of Ketchikan are already taxed to the hilt, and have little left to give back to this city. I have taken on another job on top of being a general contractor, my wife works full time and my kids all work (except) my eleven year old, and it is hard for me to appreciate this fervor about a library when just living here in Ketchikan is getting harder. I know the quality of life argument with the library but that does not hold water if you can't afford to live here.

I want you elected officials to worry about school enrollment, infrastructure crumbling, job development, industry development -- something that is going to help this town weather what is coming , not a new library at this time,

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK


Received November 26, 2008 - Published November 30, 2008


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