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Power generation for South East Alaska
By A. M. Johnson


November 17, 2008
Monday AM


With the completeness of the recent Municipal League meeting in Ketchikan, including the annual and ongoing discussion of energy supply for our surrounding communities repeating the often lament of limited hydro access, transmission of power, sharing of power, and angst over diesel power expense, one becomes mystified.

That mystification is a result of having read on occasion, the introduction of miniature nuclear reactors for the very purpose the Municipal League identifies.

Here is a site and article that gives the information related to the electrical requirements of South East Alaska. Actually, applicable to all of the bush area of our State, with the city of Galena having applied in 2003 for such a unit.

One has to wonder if energy related professionals advising or involved with our various electrical boards (Four Dam Pool/Thomas Bay Power Authority for two unities) are ignoring the process and near future availability of these efficient power generating units due to the nature of power generation supply (Hydro) involved currently. The subject of nuclear didn't seem to be a topic in this meetings reporting or in the general scheme of power generation for the surrounding area. If that is the case, the position lacks vision and is narrowing. One has to think outside of the box.

During the recent National election, the subject of availing ourselves of ALL methods of power generation, including nuclear was a common theme.

The projected cost of a unit, as reported in this article, is with in reason when you relate that cost to say a new swimming pool, library, aquarium and a mired of other high dollar items on the community annual legislative wish list for the common good.

With 40 years plus of successful use of nuclear in our naval vessels, France electrical requirements being meet by 70%, England with a lesser but impressive amount of nuclear, one has to be willing to discuss the potential for our economic future.

Something for mutual communities discussion.


Ketchikan, AK

Received November 16, 2008 - Published November 17, 2008


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