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Defending the Unitarian Universalists
By Stacey Hallmark-Morales


November 10, 2008
Monday AM

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to question Mr. David Hangar's letter regarding the inclusion of Unitarians in his thoughts about the belief in a God that is full of damnation and divisiveness. I assure you the Unitarian UNIVERSALISTS have little to NOTHING to do with perpetuating a God that has an "us or them" mentality.

This is a religious group that may be separate from the general idea of a unitarian being someone with the belief in a singular God or spiritual being. Unitarian Universalism is FAR from that and is more about a search for truth and spiritual possibilities than anyone s wrath, judgment, divisiveness or damnation. I reject the notion that Unitarians, or Unitarian Universalists as it is known now (after the 1961 merger), ever intentionally promote an "us and them" kind of dichotomous thinking.

Mr. Hangar seems like an endlessly fascinating and intelligent person- so please leave the Unitarian Universalists out of the group of religions that seek to divide and conquer- if it was the religious group whom you were referring to. We have beliefs that are far from that kind of mentality and would rather be seen simply as a group of like-minded (not same-minded) individuals that seek our own spiritual truths, support others spiritual journeys and growth, find guidance and truth in many doctrines and written sources, believe in freedom of speech, welcome and support many different spiritual and cultural beliefs, sexual orientations, gender identities, and ways of being, as well as support others' right to believe and live the way they choose without harm to others. Yes- some may see it as a touchy feely nondescript religion that's game for anything, but it is far from that and is actually very distinct when compared to other "religions" or spiritual paths. It is more about inclusion, justice, equity, compassion, responsibility, truth, respect, and peace than any other belief system I know of. Otherwise- your letter was interesting -although I didnt get the golf reference. :)


Stacey Hallmark-Morales
Ketchikan, AK


Received November 06, 2008 - Published November 10, 2008


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