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By Rob Glenn


November 10, 2008
Monday AM

I have to wonder had Palin been from another state would she have helped out the McCain ticket more?

I voted McCain and Palin, and being in the lower 48, there were a lot of questions as to whether a person from a state who has less population then some small countries could have become VP.

Personally, I think that being up there did have her a little out of touch, however; she was also called to duty with only 2 months to campaign and with little prep time.

During the campaign it seemed that people really had little faith in a person from Alaska. Then of course it did not help just a week before the election see Ted Stevens being found guilty of crimes, as well as her own personal scandal. Was troopergate really a big deal? I dont know I think it was more disturbing that the officer tased his 10 year old step son and drank in his partol car while on duty. To hear that after all that he was not fired probably did not help Americans think Alaska was too up on the times. Whether it was her ex-brother in law or any other cop, truth is if it was you or me, most likely we'd have been fired.

And now there is Ted, old Ted... convicted of crimes and still doing what is in HIS own best interest rather that the interest of Alaska. As well as good old Don. Americans are watching those races and the Ted Stevens race is amazing that people still voted for him, knowing that if his appeal is denied, he gets kicked out anyways. Fellow brothers and sisters in Senate told Ted it was time to hang it up, but did he? And yet he may still get voted in. The guy even made it to HOWARD STERN, where he has been accused of selling alaska.

Even Alaska's largest newspaper did not endorse Palin, and believe me when the rest of the country read that, that was a big blow.

She did not kill McCain, he really did a lot of his own damage and plus Obama seemed to be the medias love child while Palin took the most hits. Probably because they dont like surprises and she was one. Plus the media only had 19 months to fall in love with this guy.

It will be interesting to see how her return to Alaska goes, and whether in the final days of this campaign she started branching away from McCain because she was preparing for something in 2012.

Rob Glenn
New York, NY

About: "Lived in Ketchikan 3 years"

Received November 06, 2008 - Published November 10, 2008



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