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By Jerilyn Lester


November 10, 2008
Monday AM

Mr. Hanger, as an American you have the right to your opinion but I also have the right to tell you that I disagree with you 100%. God is an all loving father of all and, believe it or not, he even loves you. He doesn't want you to have that image of him but you have the right to do so.

God will be with whoever asks him to be with them and if that is a Republican then he will be there because we believe in him. If you didn't listen to president-elect Obama, his speech also included the words "God Bless all and God Bless the United States of America" So I guess you could say that God is also a Democrat. Where ever that fits in your ranting I am not sure but I think that you should look at all of us that believe in God as a family. Yes a family, and as such we don't always agree on all the issues but that is typical in all families. You don't have to belong to the same family that I do but I hope that you belong somewhere. To not belong would make me very sad because that would mean that you would be a lonely person and quite probably a grumpy old man. Just remember that whether you want to believe it or not God Loves You.

Regarding Mr. Ortiz, I was actually very disappointed in your comment. Yes Senator Stevens was convicted but if he didn't get the bills to pay because they were not given to him then he can't pay them can he? I know that you receive perks being a teacher in this district because I used to be an aide and I got perks. Anything from being allowed to swim at the pool and use the weights and sauna to getting free meals in the cafeteria. Or allowed to go to games without having to pay. If you are going to pick on those kinds of things then you had best clean your own garage first. There is something to say for loyalty when you think the man is innocent and has been convicted wrongly. I do believe that he was not given a fair trial and that all the evidence was not presented.

Jerilyn Lester
Ketchikan, AK


Received November 06, 2008 - Published November 10, 2008


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