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Initiate a one penny tax for school activities fund
By Charles Edwardson


November 10, 2008
Monday AM


I am first of all encouraged by this past season of borough funding for our schools, with that said I am still disappointed in how hard our students have to work to represent (us) the city of Ketchikan. The activities fund is always on the bottom on the list and it should be at the top of the list. The benefits of extra curricular activities are obvious.

I am as guilty as anyone and do not usually dwell on or plan for the next season of student activities until I get hit up for a never ending stream of donations for one sport event or other extra curricular event fund raiser. As with most Ketchikan residents who are interested in these activities, I reach in my wallet and contribute and think to myself with smug satisfaction what a good citizen I am for helping,, and not taking time to consider what it takes for these students to get out there and solicit money for them to be able to participate in their chosen activity.

Not only do most of the students who participate in these extra curricular activities have pretty good grades (in order to stay eligible) they have to practice for their particular event and fund raise in their spare time.
Ketchikan has a very weak athletic program in regards to basketball. I will stick to this area as I have four girls who have played or are still playing and represent Ketchikan very well. In the last decade I have seen Ketchikan go from bad to worse in this particular area. We have a two school conference and the girls work very hard to have two home games, maybe four if we are lucky. The Clark Cochrane is an attempt at getting games, but that in recent years is a faltering event.

The kids in all of their activities should not have to work so hard to represent us, I would like the borough assembly to initiate a one penny tax, or half a penny tax and dedicate it to a school activities fund. We fund all kinds of goofy stuff with these taxes we all pay, why not our students. Dedicate one cent of every dollar of borough tax or half a cent and help our students so they can represent Ketchikan to the fullest potential. Just think of the possible benefits of the added support a half a penny would make. Less stress on students, possibly more participation if money was a problem for some families in these economic times, stronger events to attract outside participation, with a positive and solid activities fund it would not be a stretch to imagine this could aid in the retention of students.

Just a thought.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK


Received November 06, 2008 - Published November 10, 2008


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