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Electoral count must go
By Mike Isaac


November 05, 2008

Back in 1988 the Western US only had 3 so called BLUE STATES, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington. The West was so called Reagan country or RED STATES for the most part. The 2008 map on real clear politics shows a west that is starting to look like the Northeast with only Alaska, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming still solid red states that total only 15 electoral votes. States like Florida, Georgia, N Carolina and Missori are also turning blue and if this trend continues and we keep the electoral count system of "winner take all" we will no longer need the general election. As it is now they only have to try to win a few swing states and not all 50.

With John McCain losing his home state of Arizona it is clear that Sarah Palin can't save his run for president and is at odds with the old man, but pay back is a bit**. We all know that McCain stoled the primary from Ron Paul, in my former state(CA) Ron Paul yard signs outnumberd the other guys 100 to 1 and I don't know anyone who voted for McCain or that Huckleberry news guy. And if he was able to steel California he stoled other states too. So the out come is just as well.

The world will not come to an end under Obama, for one thing the Republicans may take back the House and Senate in 2010 just like they did under Clinton. And it won't be the end of the world for the economy as long as you pick the right industries like stem cell research, Bush has block such research for the past few years due to some personal reason. Energy such as clean burning Natural Gas thanks also to Sarah Palin (if all cars in LA ran on CNG the air would almost be as clean as Portland's air). Wind and Solar industries will also create jobs, companies like First Solar also look like good investments.

And if he will allow zero emmision Nucular plants to be built it could be p ossible to have enough extra juice so people could have electric cars that are economical to drive. All of our big cities could have clean air and I bet the Republicans would not stand in the way of those ideas. I guess only time will tell if this guy walks the walk or is just a empty suit on his clean energy plan.

If Obama is smart he will give Sarah Palin a job in his administration that has to do with energy. She proved herself in Alaska with that pipeline.

Mike Isaac
Steamboat Springs, CO

About: "Former longtime Ketchikan resident"

Received November 05, 2008 - Published November 05, 2008



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