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ATV 4-Wheelers
By Phil McElroy


November 27, 2007
Tuesday AM

I have read and tried to digest the 4-wheeler complaints posted on Sitnews. I have a couple of suggestions...

Parents: Please heed and follow the manufacturers recommendation that no person under the age of 16 years old should operate a 4-wheeler.

Parents, meaning responsible parents: If you are not going to be with your child while they are riding, don't let them go alone and lock the keys up.

4-Wheeler Riders: Start policing yourselves; ride only in designated areas. Stop complaining that there is nothing to do. If you're not old enough to buy a truck to transport your 4-wheeler to a designated riding area, then perhpas you and your parents made a bad decision about purchasing the 4-wheeler in the first place.

I personally know a young man that is very irresponsible when it comes to riding a 4-wheeler...and guess what? His parents are clueless as to this young man's antics.

There are plenty of statistics relating to 4-wheeler fatalities and injuries along with damage to terrain caused by not being responsible.

So, ride legal, ride safe, and gain the respect you think is owed to you as the rider of and on a ATV 4-wheeler.

Phil McElroy
Ketchikan, AK

About: Harley-Davidson Rider; Resident of Ketchikan 38 years; Safety Professional...

Received November 26, 2007 - Published November 27, 2007

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