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By Katie Shull


November 27, 2007
Tuesday AM

I see the problems that both sides of this discussion have brought out. I understand, having grown up here, that there are few places where kids and teenagers are allowed to ride ATV's or other such equipment. However, this does not excuse the inappropriate and dangerous use of ATV's anywhere.

There are several young people who enjoy riding their 4 Wheelers without lights or a helmet, and without regard for speed or anyone's safety. That is the problem I see personally. I don't care if they ride them along side the road with lights and a helmet on. I do care when they come flying down Christopher Road with no lights on, where incidentally, there are no street lights, and there have been several close calls with cars and ATV's. If you choose to ride your 4 Wheeler in an unsafe manner, do it where at least no one else or their property will be affected. Frequently, we have seen the State Troopers out on our road, or on Higgins Spur looking for the riders - although I will admit that it hasn't been bad as far as I've seen this year.

Regardless of the available areas for ATV riding, if you are not responsible enough to practice safe riding, wear a helmet and put lights on your 4 Wheeler, you should not be riding. Whether you are a kid, a teenager or an adult, there is no excuse for putting someone's life or property at risk so that you can have fun.

Also, I do not think that anyone who wrote letters previously to this were trying to name-call or start an argument. I am glad that we have a forum such as this where locals can submit their opinions for other locals to see and discuss.


Katie Shull
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I live in the North Point Higgins area, am married and have two small children."

Received November 26, 2007 - Published November 27, 2007


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