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Are the roads done??
By Charles Edwardson


November 27, 2007
Tuesday AM

I am interested in why Secon paved the streets and then proceed to continuously cut holes in the new pavement and fill in their patch work with concrete. Concrete is much harder than asphalt these two materials do not seem to go together, I am not a highly qualified road worker but my suspicion is these areas will be a constant maintenance hassle. That is just an observation as I said I am not a highly qualified road worker. This section of road may or may not be done I do not know, but if it is I think this city has been taken for a ride. This undoubtedly is a very technical job, I cannot even imagine the logistics and man power this kind of job demands. But after over a year I would have expected a better looking product. I am referring to the section of road from the airport parking lot to A&P.

Also there is a lot of cutting and patching going on and cracks all up and down the road by the tunnel and this section of "new" road from Talbot's to the tunnel is no better looking than the road by A&P. I may be too critical and the same company may not be involved but these sections of road look and feel terrible to drive on and we should expect better for the amount of time and money they both took. If I did a job as chopped up and untimely as this, I would have been forced by the owner to do it over. I may be mistaken and there could be a whole new topping going over the entire mess to smooth it out?? Who knows? I hope I am dead wrong.

This is just my opinion and I am sure there are other opinions that are quite opposite of mine. So when there is a rebuttal to my opinion, stick to the subject ( the roads.) And I am not buying the argument or attitude of "let's just be grateful for the work they have done". Or "at least it is better than before". This sort of attitude belongs at home when your buddy helps you build a patio that did not quite work out , or when a homeowner does a remodel with friend and the results are fodder for the next decade of Christmas parties and barbecues, not with a public road system.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Lifelong resident of Ketchikan"

Received November 21, 2007 - Published November 27, 2007


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