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Four-wheeler Damage
By Dave Person


November 19, 2007
Monday AM

Anyone wanting to understand why many people dislike 4-wheelers and their riders should go take a look at the lawn in front of North Point Higgins School. On Saturday night some moron drove a 4-wheeler past the barriers and tore up the lawn riding his machine up and down the hill. What a thoughtless dope!

We have had an explosion of 4-wheelers riding around North Point Higgins Road and the troopers have caught a number of the pin heads in the act. It doesn't seem to matter because either the parents don't have any control over their kids or they are on the 4-wheeler riding right behind. Anyway, it is a disgrace and will eventually result in some kid getting killed when a car doesn't see him on the road without lights in the dark.

There are those who will inevitably pipe up and claim if there were more places for people to ride 4-wheelers there wouldn't be any problems. Nonsense, the problems here are mostly caused by kids who come home from school and hop on their machines to ride around the neighborhood. The Forest Service could create 100 new trails for riders and it wouldn't matter unless those trails started from these kids' driveways. The problem is largely that the parents don't bother or can't teach their litter how to behave.


Dave Person
Ketchikan, AK

Received November 18, 2007 - Published November 19, 2007



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