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Remember the Sacrifices of Our Veterans and Their Families
By Edward Brown


November 11, 2007
Sunday PM

My family has many veterans. And we can thank all veterans today for their sacrifices. Our families' freedoms and our country's laws are supported by their efforts at home and abroad.

Their families also give up what we take for granted. Both Patriots and their families do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. They are a blessing to other nations too.

he separation from loved ones, not being there for occasions like Veterans day and all birthdays, anniversaries and holidays shows that they care. They care for their families and extend that honor to our family.

Support them, for they do not make the political decisions. They follow the orders issued. They get caught in the middle and they do not deserve any poor treatment.

Today we acknowledge their blood, sweat and tears.

They take the same oath of office our president does. They back that that up with their sacrifice. Even sacrificing their own lives.

It is on this solemn day we honor our Veterans. We will never forget these heroes for they stand on the shoulders of others who have already sacrificed.

Edward Brown
Ketchikan, AK

About: "A thankfull family member for my family's vetrans. Thank you so very much for you love and sacrifice."

Received November 11, 2007 - Published November 11, 2007


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