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Polars bears and global warming??
By Mike Isaac


November 05, 2007
Monday AM

I just don't understand people who fall for the global warming pile of BS. They always start off by saying something about BUSH that makes no sense. Yes he is by far the worst president who ever sat in the White House and has caused a lot of problems with his Amnesty for illegals scam and his war on IRAQ, but no man on earth can ever hope to alter the earth's climate.

But Matt Reid went farther by trying to tie Governor Palin to Inhoff from Oklahoma as if he has a hand in it. He then said that Alaska is getting hit hard by global warming and made it sound like Alaska is in the middle of a heat wave and all the polar bears were going to die. The low temp at my house(1400+ miles south of AK) this morning was 34 degrees which is above normal but no global warming heat wave. Barrow Alaska on the other hand had a low temp of 10 degrees and a high of 15 degrees. That sounds like great weather if you are a polar bear -- and I don't think they will start growing oranges or apples in the North Slope Borough anytime soon.

Al Gore you better give that peace prize back and Matt Reid you better learn how to read a thermometer.

Mike Isaac
Arrowbear Lake, CA

About: Former longtime resident of Ketchikan.

Received November 02, 2007 - Published November 05, 2007

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