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Alaska Supreme Court ruling
By Joey Tillson


November 05, 2007
Monday AM

The Alaska Supreme Court ruled Friday that underage teenage girls can get abortions without parental consent. Can you believe this?

I am a mother of two beautiful young girls and the thought of my children having abortions without my consent from any age in their adolescent years is just sickening. There are several contributing factors that I wish to dispute regarding this issue.

The first and most obvious, is unexpected harm to my child. In the event she were to get an abortion without my consent, if she were to bleed internally (hemorrage) and I am not aware of what is going on, she could die trying to hide this from me. I have always encouraged my children to talk to me but in the event they choose not to, there is no way for me to protect them from harm.

Second, there is far too much unprotected sex as there is. It's bad enough my children could be exposed to sexually transmitted diseases because of the lack of sincerity and monogomy of sex in today's society; having an abortion, too only puts them at more risk and harm. It's bad enough they get to have privacy regarding whether they have a sexually transmitted disease but to also be allowed to keep it a secret regarding the cutting of a human fetus out of their body, with the possibility of more harm makes me violently ill that I could not protect them.

Third, as if the government does not have enough control over many decisions we make in the lives of our children and our own situations, now they get to be the parent for us and protect? Do they leave the hospital after my child has an abortion and make sure they are safe? Do they drive them home and make sure they take their medications and have the necessary materials for the bleeding that follows an abortion? Do they provide the mental health clinician in the event the child does not mentally get through the thoughts and feelings of having killed their unborn fetus? No, no, and no. But they certainly expect my child to behave themselves and arrest them when they break laws that could be contributed to the mental anguish they will go through after having an abortion, such as substance abuse.

All they can do is rule in favor of something that could be fatal to the lives of the children they say they're protecting. They throw up their hands and say "Deal with what we've done". What parent deals with things they don't even know anything about? Is that okay? Does anyone else see the damage this is going to cause our female youth?

We as a society should do something. Governor Palin, if you are reading this, can I parttake of this petition to help protect my children and their friends? Legally, we as parents are responsible for our children until they're 18. But yet, we don't? How do we protect our children from themselves and the government decisions made in error?

Joey Tillson
Ketchikan, AK

About: " Mother of two beautiful girls, True Alaska, previous healthcare background"

Received November 04, 2007 - Published November 05, 2007


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