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Common Courtesy
By Scott R. Davis


November 02, 2007
Friday AM

Recently, common courtesy is absent in every day and professional life in Ketchikan. It brings to mind the lower 48 when one is trampled on the sidewalk by another passer-by or waiting for 10 minutes to cross the road or get out into traffic because the driver of all the cars are inconsiderate.

Common courtesy years ago in Ketchikan, and probably decades ago in the lower 48, was common place . It was common to see an elderly person being helped with their baggage at the airport or with groceries in the driving rain out to their cars. It was common place in Ketchikan (and something to brag about) that no one would have to wait more than 10 seconds to get out into traffic or cross the street. Now it would appear that only the people taking their own life in their hands are able to cross in the driving rain... It was common place to greet people on the streets in Ketchikan with a smile and a friendly word. It's not so common place now and rather the exception.

Common courtesy (or the lack of) has extended into the professional arena as well. The occurrences of an obvious lack of respect and courtesy is blatantly obvious and more frequent creating the "Common (lack of) Courtesy" more common place where now ya just expect it. These "professionals" as they would call themselves are seriously lacking in common courtesy which reflects on customer service. It would appear that people would eventually put a halt to this type of treatment demanding that professionals behave like professionals if they want to keep them as customers. It would appear that we've become anesthetized to the treatment we receive as being common place and that's just the way it is.

An example of common courtesy is what happened to me this morning. A reputable business that operates here in Ketchikan had made an appointment with me to work on some electronics. This company had an emergency shortly before my appointment that was unavoidable. So instead of ignoring all the customers for the day and putting them off, Sharon called to give me several options at a later date that I was only more than happy to agree to. This is the exception in Ketchikan lately.

Common courtesy is seriously lacking in personal contacts as well where it seems easier to ridicule and belittle people behind their backs often complaining and being counter productive to the situation. Not to mention cruel to the one getting the knives in their backs. It's easy to get wrapped up into the moment (as I myself have done) and drive some individual into the ground when they aren't there to defend themselves. Ketchikan never did this before! Well, maybe not to this extent! Common courtesy would demand that they be present to hear the comments about themselves.

I remember my Grandparents talking about the Golden Rule. Do to others what you'd expect in return. I was raised with the Golden Rule and have applied it many times in both personal and professional contacts. I'm not so sure that this is something that is taught now-a-days. When mentioning it to several younger adults, they'd often heard of it, but only about half knew what it meant. They all know its meaning now!

Ketchikan is and has always been a hard working community. It shows in our town! This community is always up to a challenge and as a whole not afraid of hard work. When someone is in need, the community seems to band together to accomplish a task! Why not this Common Courtesy! Hey, it's a lot of work to show common courtesy and respect. It's easy not to. Is Ketchikan up to the job or not?

Scott R. Davis
Ketchikan, AK

About: "27 year resident of Ketchikan."

Received November 01, 2007 - Published November 02, 2007


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