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Dangerous Pedestrians
By Debra Pomeroy


November 02, 2007
Friday AM

With the weather now raining sideways and getting darker earlier, it makes it dangerous for drivers to see out the side windows of their vehicles - especially when you're at the 'turn' left only behind the Marine View trying to get on Tongass. You're constantly looking to the left so you can 'jump' into traffic quickly, since you can't turn right. My point is, this is dangerous because you have tenants from the Marine View who DO NOT use the crosswalks, and they just cross where ever they want.

Two days ago, while trying to enter traffic, I just about HIT a person, because I was looking left, looked right, looked left again, it was clear...and than 'he' popped out of nowhere to cross over to the mall. I had to slam on my brakes so I wouldn't hit that ignorant pedestrian, who refuses to walk up/down the street a little to use the crosswalk -- and in doing so, I almost had my brand new car rammed into. Thankfully, the other driver had good brakes, and didn't hit my car!

I had to write this letter because today, I saw the same thing, but this time it was an adult with two children! Something terrible is going to happen if people aren't utilizing the crosswalks, and to teach children not to use them is an accident waiting to happen!

Debra Pomeroy
Ketchikan, AK

Received November 01, 2007 - Published November 02, 2007


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