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Ketchikan General Hospital Foundation Gift of Healing 2007 - New Technology & Equipment Campaign Underway


November 29, 2006
Wednesday AM

Ketchikan, Alaska - Patients from infants to elders will benefit from the Ketchikan General Hospital Foundation Gift of Healing 2007 fundraising campaign. The Foundation Board of Directors has chosen equipment that will improve patient care and complement current technology available in Ketchikan.
jpg Gift of Healing

This year's campaign seeks to raise funds for three infant warmer-resuscitator units and a mobile digital mini c-arm for Ketchikan General Hospital (KGH). Funds raised through charitable, tax-deductible gifts given to the KGH Foundation will be used to purchase this equipment.

Infant warmer-resuscitators

Two of the warmer-resuscitator units replace outdated units in the New Beginnings Birthing Center. The third will be stationed permanently in the Surgery Department for cesarean section births. All three have built-in phototherapy lights for babies who develop jaundice, as well as the new "neo-puff" technology that electronically calculates the oxygen and flow needed by a baby in distress. "The first five minutes of a baby's life are really the most critical," Pediatrician Dr. Norm Herron states. "Putting the right technology at the doctor's fingertips is key. Every baby will benefit."

With a generous legislative grant and funds donated to the Foundation, the infant warmers were ordered early and have recently arrived. They will be operational in the next two to three weeks in the New Beginnings Birthing Center at KGH.

Digital Mini C-Arm

The second goal of the campaign is to purchase a mobile digital mini c-arm, a diagnostic tool used in emergencies and in surgeries, primarily for orthopedic cases. The mini c-arm is small and flexible, emitting a safer low-dose of radiation to both patients and staff. Whether setting a broken bone or knee surgery, the mini c-arm is versatile in its medical applications. It will complement the current larger c-arm already in use at KGH, and allows certain surgeries to be scheduled concurrently. The mini c-arm creates digital images easily transmittable to other locations without printing and mailing x-ray films. In addition to still images, the mini c-arm takes real-time video, allowing physicians and surgeons to see movement as a procedure progresses.

The KGH Foundation, established in 2004, accepts charitable gifts as a means to purchase equipment otherwise unavailable to Ketchikan General Hospital. With the expense of medical equipment rising and the amount reimbursed by insurers shrinking, KGH struggles, as does any hospital, to remain current in its technology. The KGH Foundation provides a safety net by donating vital medical equipment through gifts from individuals and community organizations.

Each year, KGH Foundation Board of Directors asks the hospital what equipment is needed and sets forth to raise the necessary funds. The Gift of Healing campaign will be an annual fundraising effort that will focus on different equipment each year based on the needs of the hospital.

To find out more about the Gift of Healing 2007 campaign, contact Ketchikan General Hospital Foundation or visit the foundation website at


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