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Re: Cabals
By Jim Dornblaser


November 29, 2006
Wednesday AM

I have heard it said that a camel is nothing more than a donkey that was designed by a committee. The bridge design from Ketchikan to Gravina Island via Pennock Island shows a committee's attempt to please everyone. It turned out so over-designed & expensive that the original concept of mere access to our airport has been lost.

As for the cost as designed, I have heard the argument "it's just tax money & it's going to be spent somewhere, might as well be here".

I for one would like to see something worthwhile for the money spent. Not long ago we trusted a "cabal" to build a much needed by-pass to down town traffic. We got another tourist attraction (a down town over-look) that has multiple stop signs on one end & a quarter mile of school zones on the other.

For the record, I do not think the bridge as designed should ever be built. If I could be "King For A Day" in Frank's place, I would:

1) build a bridge from the existing AMH terminal straight across to the airport. (the narrowest point) Build it within 50 feet of the water.

2) extend the road on Gravina Island out to Vallenar Bay.

3) move the ferry terminal to Vallenar Bay.

Anyone that wants to see Ketchikan will come whether it is a deadend waterway or not. Move the new development out so there is still a "fishing village" atmosphere left to attract visitors.

Jim Dornblaser
Ketchikan, AK

Received November 28, 2006 - Published November 29, 2006

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