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Rural Residents Soaked Again
By James Anderson


November 28, 2006
Tuesday AM

I live in the city of Ketchikan. I voted for consolidation in part because I believed that it was the right thing to do, and partly out of guilt for what the city does to my rural neighbors. I am greatly relieved that its failure was because of the rural voters.

What is ironic is that the measure failed at the same time that the city passed yet another ordinance to soak the rural residents in order to subsidize my (and the other city residents) standard of living.

Not only do my rural neighbors underwrite my water bill through increased phone and electric rates; and not only do you help with KPU/Ports Authority payments for city-only services; and not only do your sales tax dollars underwrite police and fire, but now you get to pay sales tax on items delivered to you from within the city, not just those picked up in the city.

Ahh, the power of negative advertising, that slogan "vote no, my taxes are high enough" just earned you higher taxes.

James Anderson
Ketchikan, AK

Received November 25, 2006 - Published November 28, 2006

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