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By Forrest Mackie


November 28, 2006
Tuesday AM

This money was appropriated by Congress to build the bridge, we really did not have much input as to where it was going to be built but DOT said that the best place was there. They also said that there was a need to build the bridge. If we do not build the bridge the state will be glad to use the money elsewhere up north. This was talked about when the airport was being built that it would be built someday. We need a bridge to the mainland someday but it's not our option right now.

I want the bridge because it will help Alaska and Ketchikan to grow, if there is a danger of disturbing burial sites I am sure they can adjust, they will need some input from the tribal folk. We need to all get on the same page though and look to the future. (Apologies to Don Hoff, just don't think he understands our options)!!


Forrest Mackie
Ketchikan, AK

Received November 27, 2006 - Published November 28, 2006



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