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We need a Governor for the people. Not a governor for the party!
By Edward Brown


November 13, 2006

"Know Palin watch her ACTIONS not her lips". As a non- partisan I have more respect for those "who do as they say" and back it up with actions. Her first action I agree with is to sell "the jet". Frank will be back to riding the same plane as the people. Tony still rides along with his real constituency in their private jets. Sarah Palin would do well to ride in the same jet you and I fly in. Sarah's actions again speak louder than her words.
Governor elect Palin Keep our gas, build and run a shared pipeline (with the help of the oil industry),build new natural gas fired power plants here, build economically stable power to attract other manufacturing industries.They will build it here and ship finished products out for sale. This is not as risky as it sounds. Gas prices have retreated but will go up again later on. We have lots of gas and it is time to use it to benifit this state.

Our future generations will need that gas. We need the jobs that it will generate here. We can be an exporter of products intead of shipping our resources out only to buy it back for a higher price later. Keep our gas for our future jobs and it will pay for our own state government with fair taxes on all industries. The oil industry should not be totally carring the load. Our developed resources should generate jobs and others should pay taxes too. Share the tax load and you will have a cooperative oil industry.

On the other hand do not do as Tony and Frank wanted to do and give the oil companies a lock on our gas and oil.

Bring back the lawsuit against the feds Wally Hickel did as an Independent governor. Tony Knowles killed that lawsuit that would of forced the USA to allow our state to develop our oil and gas and other resources to pay for our own state government.

Give me a governor who will develop our resources here and at the same time generate enough industry taxes that people income taxes will not have to be considered. The people do the work so industry can afford to pay the fair corporate taxes.

With Palin's election, the GOP has had five governors elected since statehood. The Dems have elected 4. And one Independent Wally Hickel. Both parties should do right by and for the people. Gov. Palin will need both parties help to accomplish rational resource development. This will pay for the taxes we need to run government.

A real governor makes both sides work together. "This all for me attitude" party type of governorship chills this non-partisans vote. And I have personally talked to Dems and Gop folks that vote like non- partisans when their party gives lip service just to get elected and then act like they no longer need your vote. Sarah Palin are you listening? Or will your only footnote in Alaska political history be: "1st woman elected governor".

Continue acting and speaking like you are a Republican second and AN ALASKAN 1st.

We need a Governor for the people. Not a governor for the party!

Edward Brown
Anchorage, AK

Received November 11, 2006 - Published November 07, 2006

About: "Still non partisan because of their me 1st actions. Born and raised in the 1st City. No work in my field there, moved to Anchorage to find work. Still in Anchorage. I expect a governor of the people not a governor for a particular party."



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