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Waiting an Hour in Traffic
By Charlotte Tanner


November 13, 2006

I read with amusement Valerie Cooper's letter about not being able to function because of having to wait in traffic. I am currently in Louisville, KY serving as an Americorps Volunteer, the folks here wait for more than an hour every day in traffic, seemingly by choice.

Although it may appear that they have alternative routes, these routes are also clogged and people are waiting, waiting.

Life in the "lower 48" appears to be spent mainly in cars in traffic, you guessed it, WAITING. So you good people in Ketchikan that want bridges, and lots of development, better think about the amount of waiting in traffic that comes along with these things.

Charlotte Tanner
Louisville, KY

Received November 10, 2006 - Published November 13, 2006

About: Local Ketchikan resident who is now serving for a year as an Americorps volunteer in Kentucky.


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