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By Al Johnson


November 09, 2006
Thursday PM


Could not agree more with Mr. Kiffer and Ms. Geer's observations regarding Consolidation.

What ulterior one may have, is further complicated by the advertisement in this morning's edition of the Ketchikan Daily News from the Chamber of Commerce in support of Consolidation.

Separation of power is a good thing. Collective central power tends to corrupt.

The intent of the Chamber with its stand is clear.

In my opinion that intent is to centralize governmental power and ease the ability of the Chamber to maneuver ambitions in a deeper hue of gray. Why else to not address or challenge, the well founded information offered by Mr. Dial, other than to suggest we all sing "kumbya"

"Trust us"- Ha.


Al Johnson
Ketchikan, AK

About: " Long time resident and former Chamber member, who saw the light!"


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