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Hate, Greed and Bush invades Canada
By Ken Lewis


November 08, 2006
Wednesday PM

The Hate and Greed tennis match should have been called Shame-Appaloosa. If it is about Gay Marriage, then allow me to interject some ignorance to it.

I do not care what goes on in another person's closet unless they have some of my junk in their trunk. But let s call this what it is, Same Sex Marriage. This will allow two cranky Hetero Sexual guys to share a house, insurance benefits, and medical benefits, get auto insurance breaks (more responsible now that they are pretending to be Gay) and pass their Social Security benefits to each other after one croaks. All they need to do is get legally married in Vegas. They do not need to view each other like Dachshunds in heat, nor is there any blood test to prove ones gayness. But enough on that debate (genetic or learned) because I am writing a futuristic book on this subject, a tease about my book is: Shaquille O Neal fertility clinics, and giant women who resemble Rosie O Donnell taking over first the NBA, then the world. It's fiction, so don' get all freaky on me.

Same sex unions is not about gayness, it is about same sex people piggy backing onto the other's benefit package, (what ever) and making employers and co-workers pay for their sexual preference. Heteros should argue about toilet seats being in the locked and upright position (it s in the bible) and are better at making little tax payers, and this is why it is structured the way it is today. If this were about love! Then why has this thing left out Bisexuals? If one bisexual loves a man and a woman, marriage fairness advocates would be promoting triangulated marriage, not just two conjoining people who can use the same underpants drawer. It is about draining Social Security faster and increasing the cost of insurance to all.

Thank you Sitnews for letting me drop-in my two hetero scents. Gay guys are cool, cuz they can hang out with your ole-lady, never borrow your tools, take out the trash and you might get credit for it that night.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK

About: Escaped from California 30 years ago but it followed me to Alaska...



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