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Majority Whip; Does it Really Matter?
By Virginia E. Atkinson


November 07, 2006
Tuesday AM

Now that election is near, all I hear about is "broken government" it's so plain to see why the government is broken, it's because our elected officials in Washington are just too stubborn to work together, and a lack of communication to go with it. Too busy squabbling back and forth like stubborn brats over petty things 'cause they can't get their own way. Right now the Majority Whip is in the hands of the Republicans, so what, it seems like it doesn't really matter one iota who is in charge.

If the predictions are true that the Democrats will take over the House and Senate, so what, Big Deal, the situation will be the same, they still can't work together, simply because their stubbornness is in their way of accomplishing more than they should have. It's been shown on C-Span that many Congressman don't even know what issues have been past and what hasn't due to a lack of meeting attendance. Just look at their meetings, mostly empty seats all year round, and that's the kind of representation we're getting? And both parties claim, oh, we can do better. Yeah, right, how can they do better when they make every excuse not to be at their own meetings?

During their "tit-for-tat" debates and 'smear campaign ads' they brag so much of who has the better plan or who can do more, but once they are elected into office, nothing happens. Whatever happened to their BIG plans they brag about so much in their debates? And you know, any candidate can have the greatest plan in the world but what good would it do when both parties are just to stubborn to work together to make those plans a reality? They talk about plans so often but have nothing to show for it....that's right, nothing happens, and some people wonder why they are called; "Do-Nothing-Congress."

ALL you politicians in Washington need to shut down your stubborn EGO, put your differences aside long enough to put your heads together and work things out like grown-up adults.

The bad part of "Power" taken over by another party is this; you'll see them digging up even more cans-of-worms to open, look for more conspiracies, more corruption, more controversies, more scandals, more accusations of cover-ups, ALL that in revenge of you-know-who and you-know-what? And it can drag on and on, so don't expect them to accomplish much 'cause they'll be too busy looking for more 'dirty laundry' of the past, and that's what's been going on for the past five years, as if they don't have any dirty laundry of their own.

That's what voters are rushing to the polls to elect them back into office for? It's a shame and embarrassing to see the kind of attitude our elected officials have now days.

One day I'd like to see our government changed to a one-party system, 'cause it's plain to see that a two-party system isn't working out too well. Someone said a one-party system won't work, how do they know when it hasn't been tried before? This two-party system is a waste of time when politicians are too stubborn to work together so they can get more done.

Elected officials don't put in a full five day work week (3 days) and get paid over $160,000 + a year, my gosh, they are overpaid for the lack of work they are doing. Or maybe that BIG paycheck is for their "pain and suffering"

So brace yourself, America, there's a bad storm a brewing in Washington, worst than a category 5, simply because our elected officials are too stubborn to work together, and focusing on issues they are taking too personal.


Virginia E. Atkinson
Metlakatla, Alaska

Received November 06, 2006 - Published November 07, 2006

About: Long time Metlakatla resident.



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