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Admiration & Support for US Armed Forces -- from a Veteran
By Ronald Lee Lamb


November 07, 2006
Tuesday AM

Dear Editor:

Senator John Kerry has been maligning and impugning the motives of people like me for 40 years -- nothing new in the recent flap. As his party's best bet for the presidency last time around, I guess he knows something I don't know, myself being a mere draftee back in 1966.

I know something he doesn't know, though. I know we are now engaged in war against an imperialistic, murderous, maniacal foe, and the United States Armed Forces are the first line of defense for the entire world. I know we're winning that war, every day in every way, just as we did in Vietnam. But the masters of denial are at work again to deny us the gains of our sacrifice.

From the bottom of my heart, I have never been so bursting with pride and admiration for our Armed Forces -- or so ashamed of the Democrat Party -- as I am today. Withdrawal from any part of our Iraqi mission would guarantee the murder or enslavement of millions, just as it did, pointlessly, in 1974.

Americans should vote for mature adults who won't play stupid by repeating the unnecessary humiliation we bore in withdrawing from Vietnam.

The Congress, for its part, instead of undermining the commander-in-chief, should award him a Medal of Honor, with words that read something like this:

"For conspicuous bravery and intrepidity, in the face of enemy fire, above and beyond the cries of derision."

Ronald Lee Lamb
Veterans Home & Hospital
Rocky Hill, CT

Received November 06, 2006 - Published November 07, 2006


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