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Something fishy in Palin mailer
By Kate Sangster


November 07, 2006
Tuesday AM

I have also been a Kodiak set-netter for 28 years. I am also a devoted volunteer for the Knowles/Berkowitz campaign because I feel that they have the experience and skills to guide this sustainable fishery into the future.

That's why, when our household received a mailer on fisheries from the Palin campaign that was sent to all permit holders, I was shocked to notice something fishy. The photo on her fish issue mailer depicts Canadian cod fishermen in a wooden skiff.

I've watched Sarah Palin gloss over the details on many issues. But this mailer hits home for me. If she and her staff don't know enough about Alaska fisheries to tell the difference between a set-netter from Kodiak and a cod fisherman from Newfoundland, then she's definately not ready to skipper Alaska's ship of state.

Palin's not a keeper!

Kate Sangster
Anchorage/Kodiak, AK

Received November 04, 2006 - Published November 07, 2006

About: " Kodiak set-netter and Alaska legislative aide. Proud Knowles/Berkowitz volunteer"





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