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Consolidation: We All Owe Thanks To Rodney Dial
By Dave Person


November 07, 2006
Tuesday AM

I want to express my thanks and admiration to Mr. Dial and his family for working to inform citizens about the consequences of consolidation. Whether you agree with Mr. Dial or not, we all owe him for providing detailed information and a very important perspective. Public-spirited people like Mr. Dial are the "stuff" that democracies are built on. With respect to the vote on consolidation, I keep thinking about James Madison's arguments in the Federalist Papers concerning factions and republics. Conventional wisdom in the late 1700s said that strife between factions always destroyed democracies and republics. Madison turned that idea on its head and argued that factions could act as checks and balances on government corruption and oppression. As long as no single group became all powerful, each would prevent the other from abusing authority. Government may not be efficient but that is the price we pay for government that actually represents the people that empower it. The supporters of consolidation claim it will make Ketchikan Municipal government more efficient by removing disagreements between separate borough and city governments. Considering the direction the new municipal government is likely to try to take us, I have no desire to enable them to be more efficient. We will end up giving more power to the same old incompetent players.

Dave Person
Ketchikan, AK

Received November 06, 2006 - Published November 07, 2006

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